Splitting resistance






The wood has a slight rosy cast; the sapwood generally a light straw color and the heartwood a deep russet brown.

Main Uses

Its appearance is prized for joinery, panelling, cabinets, flooring, windows and cladding. Its strength, straightness and ease of fabrication make it the perfect high performance timber for structural uses, such as metal plate-connected trusses, framing, bridges and large heavy members.

Distribution & Availability

One of the tallest on the continent, this species accounts for a fifth of North America’s total softwood reserves and is grown on 14 million hectares of forest in the Western Woods region. Readily available.

Physical & Mechanical Properties

Medium texture, with a weight of 540 kg per cubic metre, and a high density, specific gravity and strengthto- weight ratio. Very stiff, with high strength values in bending, tension, horizontal sheer and compression. High shrinkage when seasoned from a green state, but minimal shrinkage and swelling once seasoned.


Moderately durable. Difficult to treat – incising is recommended for maximum penetration of preservative.