Splitting resistance






Structural framing grades are marketed and sold in the Spruce-Pine-Fir (south) species combination; appearance grades are often marketed in the ES-LP (Engelmann spruce/ Lodgepole pine) combination.

Main Uses

Framing, wall panelling and some joinery.

Distribution & Availability

A major component of the high-elevation Rocky Mountain forests, growing in the Rocky Mountains of Southwestern Alberta, south through the high mountains of Eastern Washington and Oregon, Idaho, and Western Montana to Western and Central Wyoming, and in the high mountains of Southern Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Eastern Nevada, New Mexico and Northern Arizona. Readily available.

Physical & Mechanical Properties

Medium to fine textured and straight grained, with good workability. Weighing 368 kg per cubic meter, it is low in strength as a beam or post, soft, low in shock resistance, and has moderately small shrinkage. Relatively small, uniformly distributed knots.


Not durable. Difficult to treat.